My true passion is empowering other business owners make their visions and dreams a reality and helping them achieve success in their business.
— Ivana

Ivana Matic Girard

Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Visual Storyteller



My name is Ivana and I am a creative driving force behind Voice2Visual dedicated to building inspiring brands, engaging visual content and online presence for businesses in Perth region.

I was born in Serbia and since I was a little girl, I have expressed my curiosity and creativity in various shapes and forms. My family would often find me playing with crayons and paints, taking apart an accordion to see “what’s making the sound inside”, transforming objects and materials I found around house to bring stories from my imagination to life.

My love of art and creative expression has led me to start my photography career in France. In my quest of developing my craft I have travelled the world- from Paris to Normandy, New York to Middle East. After years of transitioning through multiple countries and languages, I have found my new home in Perth, Western Australia (and I love it here).

On my journey of telling visual stories, I have always sought innovation on behalf of my clients and expanded my skills from still photography to videography. My journey has not only been about the work, but it’s also been about the people I worked with and met along the way- business owners, creative makers and inspiring individuals. 

I have a very diverse skill set which provides a unique perspective and enables me to create a cohesive visual expression for my clients. My true passion is empowering businesses make their visions and dreams a reality. My greatest sense of accomplishment is helping my clients achieve success in their business.

Bringing your vision to life doesn't have to be intimidating 

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Voice2Visual Values



Voice2Visual was born in Perth, WA. We are a business in Perth that enjoys working with other local businesses.



Voice2Visual is easily approachable. We are always up for a friendly chat about your business. Contact us or book a free consultation.




Voice2Visual loves meeting other businesses and finding out what is their passion behind their business.




Voice2Visual generously shares knowledge and provides helpful advice to other businesses. Check out Learn section on our website!



Voice2Visual doesn't beat around the bush. We say it as it is. 



Voice2Visual gives you undivided attention. We take on a limited number of clients each month. We are all about quality over quantity.



Voice2Visual doesn’t count hours spent on each project. We take as much time as needed to deliver the highest quality to our clients.




Voice2Visual always delivers on the promise and timeline– our clients always get things done on schedule and sometimes even before.



Voice2Visual takes pride in own work and delivers high value. We measure our success by how much we were able to help our clients.



Voice2Visual doesn’t have any hidden fees or bad surprises. We will never try to sell you things you don’t need.



Voice2Visual treats others with respect. This is how we also like to be treated.



Voice2Visual is confident in the value it gives. This is why we have 100% satisfaction guaranteed refund policy



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